Campus Announcement is a web-based emergency notification system that enables college and university administrators to send emergency alerts from one easy-to-use interface. Requiring no software, hardware, or integration, our unified emergency alert system enables you to communicate with your entire campus community in minutes via those communication channels most popular with students: SMS text messaging, Email, Voice and Desktop Alerts. From any location, you can deploy concise, time sensitive messaging that will help contain rumors, restore and manage campus safety, as well as keep the community informed with pertinent information.

Did you know that more than 90% of college students have cell phones? Today's reality: if you're not reaching students cell phones, you're not reaching them. Whether students are in class, eating in the student union, relaxing in the dorms, or somewhere in transit, Campus Announcement’s quick and reliable emergency notification system will deliver your message. By leveraging all four channels of communication that resonate with your community, you will strengthen relationships with students and staff and have a more engaged community.

With the Campus Announcement emergency notification system, campus security at colleges and universities have the power to help increase the level of safety on and surrounding campus, enhance campus communications with the community and keep your campus informed while conveying assurance and authority.

Whether you are responding to a time-intensive situation, or informing your community about events on campus, the power of the Campus Announcement campus alert system is paramount. Click here for more information on Campus Announcement's campus alert system and how you can implement this innovative system to facilitate a safer and more secure campus.