Campus Announcement Emergency Notification Platform offers colleges and universities the ability to send emergency notifications and campus alerts via four communication channels: sms text messaging, voice broadcasting, email messaging and desktop alerts.

Benefits of the Campus Announcement Emergency Notification System

Campus Announcement is a unified emergency notification system offering multiple messaging options from one easy-to-use platform accessible via your web browser. Use a combination of voice, SMS text, email or desktop alerts to send campus alerts to ensure optimal deliverability in emergency situations. With school administrators having the ability to send emergency alerts instantly, the benefits of using Campus Announcement emergency notification system are endless!

Campus Announcement offers the ability for administrators to communicate via four different communication channels from one platform including SMS, voice, email and desktop alerts.

Campus Announcement’s efficient emergency notification system makes instant campus communication possible: a critical element of effective crisis management.

Plan and quickly enact emergency notifications.  Implementing Campus Announcement’s emergency notification system enables new levels of incident readiness and the ability to send real-time coordinated responses via four channels.

Administrators can send out one unified emergency notification which will automatically alert your campus population via 4 channels including SMS text, voice, email and desktop alert.  Include emergency plans, images, report templates and other documentation as message attachments.

Campus Announcement emergency notification system is capable of handling simultaneous incidents in multiple locations on your campus facility.  Send clear, consistent campus alerts to students, faculty and members of your professional staff.

Notify and assemble incident response teams quickly using fewer campus resources by automating time-intensive, manual process and enable staff to focus on important crisis management.