Campus Announcement Emergency Notification Platform offers colleges and universities the ability to send emergency notifications and campus alerts via four communication channels: sms text messaging, voice broadcasting, email messaging and desktop alerts.

Campus Alert Mass Notification System Uses

The Campus Announcement mass notification system is simply the easiest and most effective way to instantly communicate to everyone wherever they are located.  This is an ideal campus alert system for colleges and universities that need to communicate swiftly and effectively to all employees, students, volunteers, partners, first responders, media and others. Uses and applications for the Campus Announcement Mass Notification System include:

Campus Announcement enables administrators to send the latest, most accurate information to the entire campus population within minutes and avoid states of uncertainty.

Alert students, parents and faculty and members of the professional staff of general notifications such as class cancellations, facility closures and recommencement.

Quickly and efficiently inform your campus the campus population of unforeseen incidents in or around your campus environment such as severe weather, floods, earthquakes, and much more.

Campus Announcement is available to adequately assess the emergency and to communicate across 4 channels to your campus population quickly and accurately.

Manage public health emergencies, such as a pandemic flu event by sustaining the latest and most accurate communications with your campus community. 

When faced with unexpected situations you need an emergency notification system you can rely on. While you can't always prevent an incident, you can effectively manage it by taking control with timely updates and authoritative communication. Use a combination of SMS text messages, voice broadcasts, email messaging and Desktop Alerts to ensure optimal deliverability in emergency situations. With Campus Announcement, you have the ability to reach your entire campus community instantaneously with information that is timely and trustworthy.