Campus Announcement Emergency Notification Platform offers colleges and universities the ability to send emergency notifications and campus alerts via four communication channels: sms text messaging, voice broadcasting, email messaging and desktop alerts.

Why Choose Campus Announcement for Campus Alerts

Every college and university across the country must be prepared to handle all types of emergencies — from criminal activity to natural disasters, accidents and epidemics.  Implementing a campus alert system into your emergency planning and response process is both a major benefit and a profound responsibility.

The Campus Announcement emergency notification system enables new levels of incident readiness and real-time, coordinated response, with the ability to send numerous alerts via SMS Text, Voice Message, E-mail and Desktop Alert.

Whether it’s a small, contained campus or a huge university within a city, an effective and reliable emergency notification system is vital to the safety and security of your campus population.  For your dynamic environment, you need a emergency notification system that can provide the following:

The Campus Announcement campus alert system is an ideal unified emergency notification system for colleges and universities to update quickly and effectively inform students, parents, faculty and first responders quickly with the most accurate and reliable information.

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